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Coast & Country


Our Story

We are fully Licenced Estate Agents who operate on the front lines offering decades of first hand experience, as sales professionals, property managers, auctioneers & business owners in the real estate industry. Our reputation is earned as a result of transacting Melbourne’s premium real estate across the most sought after locations, and at the same time delivering award winning customer services. We have built an extensive local, national and international network whereby we can help connect the right people locally and from across the globe.

For clients we adopt ‘a designed just for you’ approach that is backed by proven expertise to formulate successful property strategies. Working with our team will add the value of high level advice and oversight of strategy, and importantly help ensure success. It’s made easier given our knowledge, influence and network to help deliver those advantages to support decision making, sharpen strategy, critical thinking, as well as provide important insight that you may need.

We believe the best way to help people transact property is by leveraging our many relationships, collaborating with our partners, and keeping it simple for our clients.


We offer a flexible approach that supports clients preparing, buying, selling and managing real estate. Whatever stage you are at, we are all about helping you through each step, and making it a smoother process.


Time, resources and knowledge are some of the greatest challenges. If you are offshore our services can help you find the right property. We are ready to give you support and know Melbourne’s suburbs very well.

Bid & Negotiate

Our expertise helps you develop a winning strategy to win at auction, this includes post auction negotiations. Whatever the process, we have the experience to step you through for that extra edge.