Selecting the Right Experts

When you decide to transact on property there are people you know with experience and those you trust who can help guide you in the right direction. We are big believers in relationships like most professional people, and the business that we generate as a result of word of mouth referral. There are plenty of amazing people in the real estate industry playing their part in helping others transact, but there are significant differences.

The contrast between services on the surface is typically individual skills, abilities and the energy to get the job done. However drilling down, there are other important elements you should take into account, such as, the deeper knowledge that separates every organisation. We are referring to skills as a result of the ‘lessons learned’, people with a broad professional network, industry and business experience.

The important message is those wise old words, ‘do your research’. When deciding on services check out accreditations like membership to the industry body, REIV. This requires ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’, and adherence to a professional a ‘Code of Conduct’. Then there is business licencing checks to operate, is the business currently registered, with an active ABN and/or ASIC registration. Take all this into account and you are better placed to make some smart decisions, backed by smarter people who know the ropes.