Adding Value to Property, Investment

Visual Value and the Benefits

One of the key considerations to add value to your home or investment, be it for the purposes of property value or rental return, is considering the broader appeal to the marketplace. This is one area of focus whereby you need to draw on the experience of your own, or seek professional advice. The recent… Continue reading Visual Value and the Benefits

Consumers, Getting Started

Evaluating Services, Advisors & Value

Like all successful relationships in business many advisors operate right in the middle of every transaction. The real estate consumer has embraced advisors, albeit slowly, and services on offer today come with varied levels of experience across Victoria and Australia. When you are evaluating these services it's really important to understand there are major differences… Continue reading Evaluating Services, Advisors & Value


Selecting the Right Experts

When you decide to transact on property there are people you know with experience and those you trust who can help guide you in the right direction. We are big believers in relationships like most professional people, and the business that we generate as a result of word of mouth referral. There are plenty of… Continue reading Selecting the Right Experts

Getting Started

Buying for Beginners

Finance Approval one Important Step to Readiness Before you enter the property market be sure to get finance approval in advance if you need it. People sometimes say I am not in a hurry, and that's perfectly ok, however just be ready to move and for the following reasons. The task of buying is not… Continue reading Buying for Beginners