Consumers, Getting Started

Evaluating Property Services, Scratch Under the Surface

Like all successful relationships in business many advisors operate right in the middle of every transaction. The real estate consumer has embraced advisors, albeit slowly, and services on offer today come with varied levels of experience across Victoria and Australia. When you are evaluating services it’s really important to understand there are major differences in skills, attributes and learnings of people in the industry. Individual advisors subsequently have many different layers of experience, and this raises ‘a word of caution’, simply because the advice you receive will have a major impact on how well you do with your transaction.

The overall value of these services to consumers is essentially the independence, time, experience and network, all these elements come together to make a transactions a success of failure.

At Clements Property Advisors you can rest assured we have worked on the front lines for over 20 years, having been an estate agency, auctioneers and property managers. Ultimately, you the client make the decisions, whilst we guide you and give you that confidence from start to finish.

So it’s always good to scratch under the surface and see what you can find out, because all services are certainly not the same!